Two friends meet up after some time аpart. They have a lot to remember, to discuss, to explain or to conceal… The action takes place at midnight – a mysterious frontier when thesun is set and a new day is beginning, a time of insomnia, when thoughts quickly take strange directions.

The main line of this performance is Georges Aperghis’s piece “Retrouvailles” (“Meeting after a Long Separation”) for two percussionists-actors. Interspersed between the sevenparts are solo pieces.


The programme includes pieces for vibraphone, piano, voice, drum sеt, and body percussion.


Georges Aperghis

“Retrouvailles”  for two percussionists-actors

John Adams 

“China gates” for vibraphone and piano

Francesco Filidei 

“Toccata” for piano solo

Vinco Globokar 

“?Corporel” for a percussion player on his body

George Crumb 

“Eine kleine Mitternachtmusik” for piano - I and VIII

Thelonius Monk 

“Round Midnight” (jazz song version)

Glenn Kotche 

“Monkey Chant” for Solo Drumkit