Mami Nova Project


MAMI NOVА are two sisters from Saint-Petersburg, based in Cologne, Germany, Malika Maminova - percussion and Dariya Maminova - piano and composition. 


Their oeuvre is focused on complete musical-performative programs. Wide musical and performance cooperation includes instrumental theatre, original new music scores, author’s classical adaptations, jazz and minimalism compositions. With high-skilled genre and style combination, the duo pushes forward the limits of a customary concert and makes every event to an impressive and remarkable journey.


Fluent management of different music genres is a result of strong and all-round background coupled with academic classical education. Dariya is graduated as a pianist from The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory and then as a composer from the Detmold University of Music (Germany). She is a winner of different composer competitions. Malika  received degree at The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory, the Detmold University of Music and Bern University of the Arts. She starts to performance as a percussionist at 11 years old.


Interpretative professional manner is only one of the ways to diffuse to the public MAMI NOVА concept, which expands over the music boarders. Through continual cooperation with allied fields of art, such as video art, poetry, fine art, musicians break everyday routine. Using household items in combination with a large number of classical musical instruments, the duet brings music to a daily life, making it magical. One of the main MAMI NOVА’s purposes is through wondering, joying and sometimes shocking an audience to give it feeling of consolidated-tune entity.


Working with space is a great part of the band performance. With skillful integrating to the acoustic conditions, its’ programs shows new colors. Equally, to traditional concert-halls MAMI NOVА is opened to unusual locations, often giving chamber and even home concerts for 20-30 guests. Such cozy conditions make an artistic workroom atmosphere where listeners are invited for creation.


Flexibility, mobility, interpretative and management professionalism in cope with creative approach makes the duo an outstanding figure in modern art. Likely, because of that MAMI NOVА concerts are interesting both to connoisseurs of art and wide audience.