Malika Maminova, a native of Saint-Petersburg Russia, is a percussionist and performing artist based out of Germany and a universal player with a very wide range of musical interests. She performs internationally as an orchestral percussionist, chamber musician and soloist.

Malika's interests include baroque, contemporary, world music, improvisation, and many different types of modern art and expression.

After graduating from Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, Malika continued her education at The Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Orchesterzentrum NRW and the Bern University of the Arts. She participated in the Mahler Chamber Orchestra Academy, the Netherlands Young Orchestra, Orff-Academy of Munich Radio orchestra and the Young Studio of the Ensemble MusikFabrik. Miss Maminova has also performed in a variety of festivals, including Wittener Tageder Neuen Kammermusik, Acht Brücken-Musik für Köln, Bregenzer Festspiele and currently works with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Orchestra Landestheater Detmold, the Orchestra MusicAeterna and others.

Malika’s main focus lies within innovative theatrical percussion repertoire and the genre of contemporary music theater as a whole. Her sister, composer and pianist, Dariya Maminova, shares similar interests and as a result the duo founded the MAMI NOVA, where musicians are focused on creating complete musical-performative programs and take their inspiration from a wide range of musical and performance influences including: instrumental theatre, original new music, while blending classical arrangements, jazz and minimalism.