MAMI NOVА, the shared last name of sisters Malika (percussion) and Dariya Maminova (piano and composition), are the founders of this dynamic duo from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Their oeuvre is a focus on complete musical-performative programs. This wide net of performance and musical cooperation includes instrumental theatre, composing original new music, authors' classical adaptations, as well as jazz and minimalism. With high-skilled genre and style combination, the duo pushes the limit of a customary concert and makes every event into one impressive and remarkable journey.

Fluent management of the different music genres comes from their strong and well-rounded background coupled with academic classical educations. Daria Maminova graduated as a pianist from The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory and then as a composer from the Detmold University of Music (Germany). She is a prize winner of many different composer competitions. Malika Maminova, who started playing percussion at age 11, also received her degree from The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory, the Detmold University of Music and Bern University of the Arts. 

Interpretative mannerisms are one of the keys to diffusing the core concept of MAMI NOVА and knocking down barriers between people. Through continual cooperation with allied fields of art, such as video art, poetry, fine art, musicians break the everyday routine. Using household items in combination with a large number of classical musical instruments, the duet brings music to a daily life, creating magic. One of the main MAMI NOVА’s purposes is through wondering, joying and sometimes shocking an audience to give it feeling of consolidated-tune entity. The main mission of MAMI NOVA is creating an atmosphere for the audience that fills them with Joy, Wonder, and often Shock so as to build a narrative for people to ride along in their singular consolidated-tune entity. 

Working with space is also a great part of band performance. With skillful integrating to the acoustic conditions, its’ programs shows new colors. While filling traditional concert-halls, MAMI NOVА is particularly fond of performing in unusual locations, often giving chamber and even home concerts for no more than 20-30 guests. Such cozy conditions make an artistic workroom atmosphere where listeners are invited to experience a much more intimate creative climate.

Flexibility, mobility, interpretation and management professionalism in accordance with this creative approach makes the duo a truly outstanding figure in modern art. Unsurprisingly, the MAMI NOVА project finds interested listeners in both connoisseurs of art and to the wider audience of the world.